Buyer Turn-Offs

28 October, 2014 |

Buyer Turn-Offs


A couple of years ago I had a listing with a bright pink bedroom. In fact, even the trim and doors were painted the same pink. There was nothing to break up the intense pink rays. Repainting was not an option for the seller, and even though I thought it was a good idea to leave that picture off the listing, the seller wanted it included to highlight that there were four bedrooms.

At the first open house all I heard was, here’s the “pepto pink room” or “wow, that bedroom is really pink!”

Needless to say it did not leave a good impression with potential buyers. I wondered if anyone remembered any other features of the home after they left.

There are several trends in interior design that do not mesh well when selling a house. Anything unique or bold doesn’t turn on prospective buyers because they want to pictures themselves in the home.

A recent article on highlights 10 design trends that do not translate well when a property is on the market.

Some of the easiest to remember are bold paint colors, wallpaper, converted bedrooms and carpet. Stick with neutral and sleek and remember to showcase rooms as they were meant to be.



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