Emotions of Selling a House

24 February, 2014 |

Emotions of Selling a House



I recently read a blog post called, “A House is Just a House, So Why Am I So Sad?” by  Purple Clover. The author talks about selling her home of 12 years and why when it was time to leave for the final time, she became so emotional.

The circumstances for leaving were not particularly sad. In fact, they were moving for positive reasons. However, she talks about what it means to say good-bye to a home and the chapter(s) that take place while living there.

This post felt familiar to me because as a REATLOR, I help people with these emotions all time. Even though many times my clients are selling their homes due to happy circumstances, it does not mean there isn’t great emotion involved. They are moving on and whether good or bad, when they close the door that final time, they are saying good-bye to a time in their life they will never get back.

I appreciate this and know that by them hiring me to be their agent, they are entrusting me to handle an extremely important part of their life. Not only financially but emotionally.

I am always grateful to my clients for believing in me enough to give me this great responsibility.

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