Make Staging Pay Off

12 January, 2015 |

Make Staging Pay Off

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It is important for sellers to take several steps in order to prepare their home for sale. Staging is important because a buyer needs to be able to picture themselves in the house and they need to see the house in it’s best light.

When a home is for sale, it should be looked as a commodity- something that will appeal to the general population. However, buying a home is different than buying a shirt or even a car. Buying a home invokes feelings that go much deeper like safety, security and happiness.

There are many real estate geared programs out there giving all sorts of advice on home improvements and staging. But one thing sellers can do to their detriment is depersonalize too much.

While a gallery of family photos can be perceived as too much, one or two gives the buyer a sense of who lives in the home. When the home is too bare or too impersonal, it can turn people off.

For some other good staging tips visit this NY Times article.

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