The Many Values of Neighborhood Associations

22 November, 2016 |

The Many Values of Neighborhood Associations


The town of Irondequoit recently completed an initiative to create or revive neighborhood associations. Some of the associations have been around for generations, but most of them are newly created. The town has encouraged residents to step forward and get their neighborhood group up and running; 11 new groups were formed over the summer.

The Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) aims to beautify neighborhoods and create a greater sense of community. The NEP  is funded through the proceeds of a fine levied on the former owner of Medley Center.

Neighborhood Associations are a great way to build up a community. For prospective new residents they can be a great asset and provide the feeling of community that many people desire. Neighbors working together to beautify their community and creating helpful programs such as Neighborhood Watch, garage sales and charity work for local causes enhances the value of that neighborhood in many different ways.

Click on this article to learn more about the benefits of neighborhood associations.

To learn more about the Neighborhood Associations and how to get involved, visit Some groups are already formed and others need to find volunteers to bring the group to life.

Many of the associations have websites and facebook pages. For all info visit



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