Seaside Construction

27 June, 2014 |

Seaside Construction


Now is the time of the year when we really long to live near the water. Spending time on the beach is a perfect way to enjoy a summer day. Think you have the skills to make a great sand castle? Think again.

Sand Sculpting is a serious art for some people, namely Andy Hancock. He is the winner of the 2013 American Sand Sculpting Championship in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. His advice, “Always use very wet sand. Pack the foundation good and hard. Go ahead and jump on it.”

Hancock also runs which offers coaching for beachgoers. Talk about a dream job.

This year’s Sand Sculpting Championship is scheduled for November 21-30.  We may be knee-deep in snow by then, the thought of sand castles a distant memory.

*image credit- Beach Fun © Dave Geffen

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