Seniors Real Estate Specialist

25 October, 2016 |

Seniors Real Estate Specialist


A Seniors Real Estate Specialist can help!

Our clients always want to know what is happening in the real estate market. As part of your financial team it is our

responsibility to keep you informed as to the general and specific real estate market conditions, good or bad.

For most of us our equity may be the most valuable asset we have. Unlike stocks and securities, whose current

value can be determined daily, real estate values are created over a longer time span. We need to regularly

review the recent market sales of similar properties and the trends in the neighborhood to bring your equity value


Most of us love where we live and do not plan on moving. However, if unforeseen circumstances force a decision,

it is important to have a good plan that will protect as much of your equity as is legally possible.

Our services are a wonderful tool to give you the peace and security of having something in place for just such a


An SRES is a REALTOR who has received extensive training in helping 50+ home buyers and sellers. They

understand the decision to move can be difficult and can help you navigate your choices and want to serve as a

resource and guide. An SRES will help you throughout the process from beginning to end making the transaction

less stressful and more successful.


Erica Walther Schlaefer

Associate RE Broker, SRES, CRES


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