Spring Cleaning Tips

19 March, 2015 |

Spring Cleaning Tips


Cleaning a house in preparation of a sale is one of the most important things a seller can do to promote less days on market. Spring cleaning is another way of saying deep cleaning, and when putting a house on the market, “spring cleaning” is always the best way to clean.

After the house has been prepped and put up for sale, it has to remain clean for however long it takes to get under contract. This part can be tricky for those sellers that are still living in their home when it is being shown.

Having the house tidy for last minute showings and keeping up with day to day messes can be difficult when balancing work and life’s responsibilities.

The following tips are from House Logic on how to help keep your house cleaner, longer! To read the entire article click here.

1. Dust Be Gone- you can eliminate dust in the home by adjusting the humidity level.

2. Seal and protect natural stone counter tops.

3. Change out your light bulbs-  “Daylight” bulbs brighten things up by mimicking natural light. This makes the house look brighter and cleaner.

Real Simple Magazine offers short cuts to make your cleaning time more effective. This is quite helpful when a deadline is looming to get your house ready to show.

Here are 5 of their tips. To read the entire article click here.

1. Instead of scrubbing the stovetop it’s faster to soak a cloth in warm, soapy water and lay it over the dirty spot for 10 minutes; then wipe clean.

2. Fast lampshade cleaning- run a lint roller over the inner and outer surfaces, and use a hair dryer to blow dust out of the seams.

3. After cleaning and drying blinds, rub down with a dryer sheet. The residue repels dust so you can get away with cleaning less often.

4. After getting out of the shower, give the glass door and sink a speedy wipe-down ensuring less soap scum to deal with later on.

5. Let disinfectant sit because waiting 10 minutes will make it easier to wipe up the grime.


*image by Jason Smith, “Squirt”


  1. Rosie

    Practical and fun list to get it done quick! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kielvin

    Thanks for sharing these maintenance tips!

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