The Irondequoit Mall- Past, Present and Future?

25 January, 2016 |

The Irondequoit Mall- Past, Present and Future?


 Irondequoit Mall Grand Opening – February 27, 1990

Irondequoit  Council- Chamber of Commerce- Irondequoit Sesquicentennial Ball

Officers and Directors- F-L-R back row: Nancy Carlson-VP (Kaleidoscope Toys), Susan Roe (Keenans), Steve Walther-President (Steven G. Walther, Inc. REALTOR), Mary Quinn, Susan Zande-VP (Irond Press)

F-L-R front row: Susan Masters, Fred Lapple-VP (Wilmorite), Mary Kay Rodenhouse (Hidden Treasures)


Big news for the former Irondequoit Mall. Angelo Ingrassia who formerly owned Irondequoit Dodge purchased the mall and its adjoining parcels for $100,000. Ingrassia is responsible for developing and revitalizing much of E. Ridge Road including LA Fitness and Depot Plaza. An answer to the long debate of the Mall’s future may be on the horizon.

Practically every Irondequoit resident has hopes for the now-vacant building. For those residents who were part of the Irondequoit Mall’s opening and hey day, it would be wonderful to see something equally as exciting for Irondequoit.

There have been many nostalgic images floating around the internet of the early days of the Irondequoit Mall.

Here are some pictures from the Grand Opening brochure from March of 1990. Do you remember the mall’s slogan?


It’s New! It’s You! It’s Exciting!






The following link provides a gallery of pictures of the current condition of the mall. The photos were taken last month.


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