Top 5 Reasons to List Your House in the Winter

14 January, 2016 |

Top 5 Reasons to List Your House in the Winter


Don’t let the cold temperatures keep you from putting your house on the market. Here are the top 5 reasons to list now:

  1. Low Inventory– Because many sellers are waiting for the weather to warm up, there is a lack of inventory. When the supply is low and the demand is high, it can equal a quicker sale for more money.
  2. Buyers Are Buying– Many first-time-buyers get right out there after the holidays. And for those who are renting, they are looking to purchase a home by the time their lease ends which typically happens mid-year.
  3. Low Interest Rates – Low rates continue to attract more buyers into the marketplace. Analysts are constantly predicting the future economy, whether the rates will rise or fall. However, we can only count on what we know today. People are out there buying homes because they get more bang for the buck. Review current rates at
  4. Less Exterior Maintenance – No mowing, mulching, gardening and raking. This saves your time and money.
  5. Because Real Estate Happens 12 months a year! – Cycles can predict when more buyers are looking to purchase, but life events are constant and unpredictable and drive home buying and selling decisions.

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